07 September 2018

Creativity and


Motivating your mentee to pursue their passion is not always an easy task. Whether it is self-expression through dance or art, sport, writing or singing. There will be many days when they feel like the world is against them. But that is your task, as a mentor, to remind them and guide them to greatness. Two key drivers for progress are creativity and collaboration. We’ll try showing you how to encourage both below:

Boosting Creative Juices

There are many ways to kickstart creativity when mentees feel uninspired. One of the first things to do is to step out of your environment; move away from the dance routine, the sewing machine, the fictional story, the artwork, the poem, or the musical piece they are working on in order to see things a little differently. Encourage them to go for a run, exercise or join their friends for a match outside. Encourage them to do something different from what they generally do.

Second, try the 30 Circle Test: Get sheets of clean paper and ask your mentee to draw 30 clear circles, then tell them to fill those circles with objects that are circular as fast as they can (clocks, pizza soccer balls).

“The 30 Circle Test helps boost creativity because it forces you to embrace multiple ideas. Many people tend to self-edit and pause to wonder if something is a good idea. The 30 Circle Test forces you to think fast, forcing you to experiment with ideas without rejecting them.” – WikiHow.

Alternatively, encourage your mentee to read something or listen to music to help them think differently. Take them out to meet other people with similar passions or skills and allow them to network and brainstorm with people who can provide a different perspective and inspire the way forward.

Why Network?

By engaging with other people who have similar ambitions, there is a shared responsibility to continue the drive to evolve and as a result, grow. It requires your mentee to be open to meeting people and engaging in conversations that can lead to collaborations. Networking can stem from various channels: from online forums, communities and social platforms, to local gatherings in community halls, exhibitions, and attending school or community events.

Depending on the type of skill your mentee wants to develop, there are various ways to get motivated through collaborations. Help them start a band or host an improv night for actors and comedians to come together. Get them together at someone’s place to workshop creative writing or painting.

All they have to do is approach, open-up, and ask. From there on the possibilities can be endless.