10 May 2018




Underage drinking seems to be becoming more of an “acceptable” problem. We’ve become numb to the statistics and issues surrounding underage drinking. And the reality is, there is no immediate solution to this problem, but we can take the first step in changing people’s mindset to how they approach the subject. And what better place to start than at South African Breweries.


To remind the staff at SAB that they too, must not ignore the problem of underage drinking, we wanted them to take a closer look, literally. By using real stories submitted to the 18+ Facebook page and a little magic, we created an installation to help us land a bigger message for our team members at the SAB offices.

On the 10th of April 2018, we installed two screens at the SAB head office. The screens were white with a couple of mismatched words on them enticing the viewer to ‘take a closer look’. The viewer needed to wear the glasses provided in order to experience the ‘magic’. The screens revealed a mentee ‘telling’ their story in their own words, including how the mentorship program and having a mentor made an impact and changed their life. Each screen had four stories and the interaction with the screen encouraged the viewers to ‘not skip the problem’ and see the truth behind alcohol misuse.

Putting a face to the story made it more real for the viewer, and harder to ignore the problem and it also provided the opportunity for the viewer to see the impact they can have on someone’s life. We wanted to instil this message within the staff at SAB so that they too, could sign up to be a mentor and help change a life. But it wasn’t just the staff of SAB that were witnesses to the installation – SAB has over 100 visitors a day. So, over the 10 days that the installation was up, more than a 1000 non SAB employees got to see the impact of our Be the Mentor programme and have the opportunity to sign up as well.


SAB believes everyone can be part of the change. The 18+ Be the Mentor initiative is about starting a movement which calls on everyone over the age of 18 in South Africa to take that first step and become a mentor and ‘Be Part of the Change’.
South Africans can be part of the campaign and make a difference to someone else’s life by pledging to be a mentor at www.bethementor.sab.co.za.

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