28 July 2017


Their Light


Questions around our purpose always plague us. Whether from ourselves or other people, they make us want to be ceratin about where we’re going. No one knows this more than the youth. Their plight is different from people who are older than them. As they are easily impressionable, they can be lead down the wrong road while trying to find their purpose. So, how can you help your mentee find their purpose which, in turn, will benefit their lives? Find out in today’s blog.

Into the world

The dictionary definition of purpose is:

“a stable and generalised intention to accomplish something that is at the same time meaningful to the self and consequential for the world beyond the self.” 

If it is to create an impact in the world, it needs to be found after introspection. When your mentee is put in the same place they grew up in, they rarely ever question their lives. What if you took them and placed them in a new environment? This will give them a chance to question their readily held beliefs and chip away at the ones that don’t sit well with their truest self.

New things

Our society has fostered a reward system which constantly places perfection over risk taking. The unfortunate part about this is that some of life’s biggest rewards stem from someone taking a plunge. Encourage them to do something that they’ve never done before. Make it simple; challenge them to learn a new instrument, a new language or even reading a book outside their usual scope. This will introduce them to the talents which they can use on their path to self-discovery.

Learn the why

Introspection isn't something that easily takes place for a young person, so to start them off you should teach them to question everything. They are still in the 'sponge' stage where they are taking in so many ideas and they are being told by a lot of people what they should be. This doesn't mean that these things should define them. By making them question all these things you're cultivating an analytical person who will be able to determine their own path.


At the core of finding one's purpose lies 2 things: introspection and challenge. Through rigorous application of these 2 notions your mentee will be able to sieve through the many ideas people have about them to find their true selves.

A part of helping them find their purpose involves being there to lead them away from underage drinking. That is why you should take the pledge and be part of the change.