04 February 2019



Benefits of mentoring more than one child at a time.

Group mentoring

One-on-one mentoring is great, but extending the care, guidance and motivation to two or more children is better! By gathering a group of mentees from the same school, for example, you can create a more comfortable environment for those mentees to bond with you and each other. You can then share the accountability for them to make better lifestyle choices together; It’s the positive group pressure you actually want.

Benefits of group mentoring

Group mentoring helps mentees realise they’re not alone and reassure the choices being made pre-and-post mentoring sessions. Especially, if you’re dealing with mentees from an area prone to alcohol abuse or where they face tough situations at home or school.

Group mentoring facilitates giving and receiving support. Mentees can turn to each other for added support, feedback and connection, instead of relying only on their mentor. They can keep each other in check when needed.

Group mentoring helps mentees find their ‘voice.’ Psychotherapist Ali Miller, who specialises in working with groups, defined voice as “becoming aware of your own feelings and needs and expressing them.” By getting the group comfortable with each other, to a point of showing genuine trust, they will feel more secure exploring who they are, their strengths and weaknesses, learn to discuss tricky/concerning situations and how to deal with such situations, in a safe environment comprising a trusted group of friends.

Grow your tribe and prosper

Your mentoring style does not have to change, and you shouldn’t feel that your role as a trusted mentor and role model will change to a parent or group therapist. Be your best self and share the love and support equally.

It’s easy to grow your group; if you’re an existing mentor perhaps ask your existing mentee(s) to bring along a friend or two to your next meet-up and then take it from there.

If you’re new to mentoring with no mentees yet, approach family and friends, or your local school to propose your new group mentoring plan and even get a friend or fellow mentor-to-be to join you on your quest to build new relationships with potential mentees. Download the free Mentor Handbook to guide you on your new journey.

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Let us know how your group mentoring goes and feel free to ask for, and share, advice on our social communities:Let us know how your group mentoring goes and feel free to ask for, and share, advice on our social communities: