07 September 2018

Help your mentee

ace their exams

Is your mentee frustrated or anxious about their upcoming exams? It could be that they’ve been studying the wrong way. Run them through these learning styles and help them figure out what is best for them. Then, book a day off, grab stationary and snacks, and have some fun!

Visual Learners

They like to see information and visualise the relationships between ideas. Let them doodle what comes to mind when they focus on the material they must learn. Make sure you have lots of paper and colourful stationary on standby. Mind-mapping is a great tool to use for visual learners. Here’s a free online e-learning programme to use for more information to help you guide them.

Auditory Learners

These students like to hear information rather than reading or seeing it. Auditory learners want to recite information out loud to remember it. Encourage them to record themselves on their phones and listen to it, to watch YouTube videos of people explaining concepts or to get a study buddy that they can converse with.

Reading/Writing Learners

Text on paper or tablets is their best option. Break down the material in parts for them to rewrite and/or summarise in their own words. These learners do great with written quizzes and reading the work with a study buddy.

Kinaesthetic Learners

These are the hands-on, experiential learners; they learn best by doing. Fun ways to experiment with this style is either through music – create melodies with the learning material to help them remember or create games that allow them to visualise the material.

Be Part of the Change

We encourage you take the time to explore and identify what really works for your mentee. Even if it takes a few days, weeks, or months. It’s an essential skill that can help shape the rest of their lives. This is also an amazing goal to pursue that will keep them busy and away from bad influences.


Be patient.
Be kind.
Be part of the change.

Do you know of other studying styles or activities that have worked for you in the past? Share it with our community and let’s get inspired to learn!