21 December 2017




As 2017 draws to an end, we reflect on the pitfalls, the accomplishments, and the “what if’s”. We always set out to achieve a lot throughout the year, and whilst some people would’ve achieved some of their goals, others wouldn’t have. This time of the year is when people often say, ‘I’ll do it next year’, ‘2018 will be my year’, ‘new year, new goals’.

But why wait for days to pass to make a change?

This is the time when youngsters need support and care the most. NOW is your time! NOW is your time to move on and set new goals! Pledge to be part of a movement that makes a real difference. It only takes a few clicks and 20 seconds of bravery.


Pledging to become a mentor doesn’t mean you have to make a big impact straight away. It’s the small things that make a big difference after all. Think about the person you looked up to when you were younger or the person you wish you could’ve gone to when things were tough. Being a mentor can be as simple as just speaking out against underage drinking in your community or lending an ear to a youngster when they need it.


Life is full of numerous challenges and we all need a little help along the way. Pledge to #BeTheMentor to become a part of the change and you can help guide someone onto the right path.

During this time, kids need someone to guide them through the rights and wrongs. Someone to tell them that the decisions that they make now can impact their lives forever. It’s that time of year when youngsters could really use a friend, someone to share their stories with and have stories shared with them. You have the opportunity to create a bond of trust that can last a lifetime as well as help someone overcome problems in the best way possible. Not only can you make a positive change to a youngster’s life, you will also be making a positive change in your life.

Be part of a nationwide campaign and make a real difference in a youngster’s life. Give the gift of a pledge this Christmas and set new goals with your mentee.

If you haven’t already, stand up and #BeTheMentor, visit www.bethementor.sab.co.za