05 December 2018

Keeping it cool

in Cape Town

The day was filled with new and existing mentors meeting mentees in a friendly and fun environment filled with food, performances, and soccer.

By breaking the ice with fun activities, mentors and mentees can get to know each other on a more personal level, which is very important for buidling relationship and trust between mentors and mentees. It’s very important that mentees and mentors’ personalities don’t clash. If there is a natural tension between two people, it cannot be forced into submission. A mentor is like a big brother, sister or best friend whom a mentee should feel comfortable to share anything with.

With this picnic, we aimed to create a judge-free zone and bring people closer together.

Meet-ups with meaning

A meet-up like this is effective for mentors to learn more about the programme and share tips with each other. It doesn’t take a qualified child psychologist to be a mentor, only a person with the passion to help change someone else’s future through small acts of guidance and advice. Understanding what mentorship is about, encourages mentors to attend meet-ups when invited.

The day ended with delicious hot dogs and a couple of matches of soccer on the field.

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