25 March 2019




Over the past 4 weeks, we've heard from a fitness fanatic, a psychologist and a goal setter! They all had unique and helpful knowledge that we think everyone should know. So don't forget to share posts from our social media pages, (Facebook and Instagram). You never know who might need to hear the advice.

To recap what we learnt from these 3 inspiring individuals, we took what we thought were the most important parts and summarised them below. Print it out, give it to your mentee or put it up on your fridge to remind yourself each day that it's possible to tackle the day with hope and a smile!


"You can perform any form of exercise, it doesn't matter, as long as you move. Do something you enjoy or something you're interested to learn how to do. It can be running, lifting weights or playing soccer". Jason said it! Moving just a little each day has many benefits for your mind and body. Just to name a few:

  • It can make you feel happier
  • It can improve self-confidence
  • It can keep you away from things you do out of boredom
  • It can improve your mental health

Do something that will benefit you and your future! To learn more from Jason, read his blog here


"Mental health…is not a destination, but a process. It's about how you drive, not where you're going." – Noam Shpancer

Kristi spoke a lot about dealing with your emotions rather than pushing them aside and looking for other outlets.

"If a young person is unable to confront these challenges successfully, this is when they usually poor decisions that can have lasting effects on the rest of their lives. Things such as hanging out with the wrong people, experimenting with alcohol and drugs. It is important to note that the brain of these teenagers is still developing and as a result they are not able to fully comprehend social situations and the consequences thereof. This makes it important for them to have someone that they can turn to and trust to guide them when these challenges arise." - Kristi

Kristi gave us 3 tips to help you or your mentee deal with stress and anxiety:

  1. Self-soothe: Take a take a few deep breaths and place your hand over your heart.
  2. Journaling: When you are stressed out, write things down.
    While recording what it is that you are feeling stressed out about it is also beneficial to record the things that you are grateful for which allows you to focus on the positive.
  3. Learn to say no: There are certain stresses that you can control. This is especially true if you find yourself taking on more than you can handle. Being selective about what you take on and saying no to things that will unnecessarily add to your load.

Kristi had too many lessons to share here, go check out her blog for irreplaceable knowledge you may need to teach your mentee.


"The real value of setting goals is not the recognition or reward, it's the person we become by finding the discipline, courage and commitment to achieve them." - Anonymous

Charelle has a trait that anyone can develop through practise - determination. We all have it in us, we just need to find something that makes us want to work hard and be the best at it, or at least try!

She taught us how to set goals: in case you missed it, you can find it in her blog here.

Here were her top tips:

  1. Decide: Think of something you want to work towards or achieve.
  2. Write it down: Put it above your bed or somewhere you'll see it every day.
  3. Tell someone: Tell your mentee or mentor.
  4. Break your goal down: Break it down into steps that will help you reach your goal.
  5. Plan your first step: What is going to be the first thing you do in working towards you goal?
  6. Keep going: You got this!
  7. Celebrate!

If you're looking for more details on the above lessons from Jason, Kristi and Charelle, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages. There are plenty of tips and trick on how to mentor and help your mentee stay away from activities that they shouldn't be entertaining. Let's curb underage drinking together!