06 September 2019

Proud to be a mentor?

We’ll help you spread the Word!

So you’ve decided to be a mentor. Congratulations on choosing to make a difference that can save a life! By signing the pledge, you have already taken a step on the road to actively making a difference in the lives of the young people around you who need it most.

But signing the pledge is just the first step.

To make the mentorship journey as easy to tackle as possible, we’ve put together a small pack designed to help you spread the word. And remember: you don’t have to change the world today. Every great achievement starts with small steps.

So start small. Look around you – at your family, your friends, your community. Chances are, if you know someone who is under the age of 18, they could do with some help.

Note: there are printable versions you can physically put up, hand out and use, as well as digital copies that you can use via WhatsApp or other digital platforms.

You’ve chosen to be not just a role model, but a mentor, and help change the lives of those around you.

If you haven’t already done so, download the SAB MENTOR HANDBOOK for tips and added inspiration to help you be the mentor you wish you had.


If you don’t have someone specific in mind to be your mentee – or if you’d like to reach more people – the first step is to reach out and let people know that you’re there to help.

This customisable poster includes a brief write-up of the mentorship programme, as well as space for you to add the following information:

  • Who is invited (other mentors, existing mentees, potential mentees, everyone, etc.)
  • What you will be doing
  • Date, time and location of your meetup
  • How people can get in touch with you if they are interested

DOWNLOAD Mentor Meetup Poster


Once you have a potential mentee, the first thing you need to do is introduce yourself.

Meeting new people can be daunting, even if you’re not setting yourself up as someone who can help them. You don’t want to overload your new mentee with too much information, but you also want to get to know them.

What do I tell them about myself? How much information is too much for our first meeting? What if the information I share isn’t the right information? These questions can make can make meeting up with your mentee for the first time a potentially stressful situation.

You also need to make sure that the information you share is appropriate, and will help you establish – and maintain – a relationship based on mutual respect.

Remember: the purpose of mentoring is to build a relationship. Your primary mission is to become someone they can look up to. Someone they can trust and rely on.

To help make this process as stress-free as possible, we’ve created a “Meet your Mentor” introduction card that you can fill out ahead of your meeting and either hand out to your mentee to keep, or just use as a prompt to make sure you remember what information you wanted to share with them.

Note: This introduction card is intended to give you a starting point for introducing yourself to your Mentee. You don’t have to complete every section, and you can always add other questions if there is something specific you would like to address in your introduction.

DOWNLOAD Meet your Mentor card


Now that you’ve introduced yourself, you need to learn more about your potential mentee. But what are the sort of questions you should ask? Much like introducing yourself, sometimes learning about someone you meet is a simple, natural process, and sometimes you need to do a little prompting.

These handy “Introductory cards” are a way for your potential mentee to share information about themselves with you. (And if you’re mentoring more than one person, it can help you remember important information about your mentees until you’ve had the chance to get know each one properly.)

Note: This introduction card is intended to give your Mentee a starting point for introducing themselves to you. It should not feel like a compulsory exercise that they will be marked on, and if there are questions they don’t want to answer, it may be more valuable to find out why they don’t want to answer them than to insist they do.

DOWNLOAD Meet your Mentee card


Self-confidence help teenagers make safe, informed decisions. Confident teenagers can avoid people and situations that aren't necessarily right for them, in particular those related to the temptations of drinking.

Unfortunately, the number one obstacle to self-confidence is often ourselves! Before we can start building a healthy state of mind and self-confidence, we need to first reflect on an important building block on this path: self-talk – the voice in the back of our minds.

Replacing negative self-talk with positive is not easy. As a mentor, you have to help your mentee establish goals to work towards, and practise using positive self-talk.

The following worksheet can help change your mentee's self-talk and improve their confidence.

DOWNLOAD New Me worksheet


As a mentor, you want to support and encourage your mentee. But sometimes it can be hard to come up with the right thing to say for a specific situation. Or perhaps you simply want to send a few words of encouragement or inspiration to let them know you are thinking of them and that you believe in them.

We’ve put together a few inspirational quote cards that are broadly applicable not just to the youth, but to everyone. Download these cards and share them with your mentee (or anyone else) to remind them to keep going and never give up.

Be the mentor you wish you’d had. Help your mentees make the right decisions. Help them set goals, achieve what they set out to do and, ultimately, realise their full potential.


SAB believes everyone can be part of the change. The 18+ Be the Mentor initiative is about starting a movement which calls on everyone over the age of 18 in South Africa to take that first step and become a mentor and ‘Be Part of the Change’.

South Africans can be part of the campaign and make a difference to someone else’s life by pledging to be a mentor at www.bethementor.sab.co.za.

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