07 December 2018

Together in


On 10 November 2018, we gathered the local mentors and their mentees of Limpopo at the Thohoyandou Community Hall, to discuss what mentorship meant for each of them, along with other engagement sessions, Q&As and testimonials. The day ended with a delightful lunch and many new friends.

During the session, our mentors focused on motivational talks. We took it back to what the 18+ Be the Mentor campaign is all about, and helped fellow mentors and new mentors figure out their teaching style.

The gathering also gave mentors and mentees the opportunity to network and share highlights from their mentorship journey.

18+ Be the Mentor is a nationwide social initiative. Anyone from anywhere can pledge today to be part of the change, to help curb underage drinking in South Africa and help build a better future for all.

To be part of this awesome social initiative pledge here: http://www.bethementor.sab.co.za/pledge

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