04 February 2019



How to build strong relationships within your growing tribe of mentees

Establish your tribe goals and then smash them

So, you’ve been crushing the mentoring game lately and you feel like it’s the perfect time to expand the group and set up a couple of new tribe goals? Awesome! Here are a couple of key factors to consider when growing a group of mentees who trust you.

Tribe goal #1: Mentor more than two mentees

Aim to have at least three dedicated mentees in your group whom you can help and build strong relationships with over time. There are many perks to having more than one mentee, >click here to read the benefits. By spreading the love and guidance, you can touch more lives at the same time and help them build trustworthy relationships with each other.

Goal #2: Mentor the same group for more than 1 year

Aim to create ‘REALationships’ in the group by growing attributes such as mutual respect and understanding for each other. It has been proven that relationships that last less than one year generally produce fewer benefits, and by focusing on the below activities, one can build a safe and positive space to grow strong characters with bright futures.

Establish trust by being honest about your past and your future intentions with your mentee. By showing your true self you can remind them of a shared-vision and create a better future in the long run.

Adopt a healthy mix of authority and friendship to become an approachable role model they can look up to and hang around with.

Mentors and mentees accept each other on their own terms, and a major player in this game is patience. Aim to meet according to a set routine, so that they can start building trust and expectations that need to be met over a longer period of time.

And remember to have fun. This should be a positive experience shared in the group, and by planning fun and healthy activities such as hiking or watching a show, you are creating memories that will give more substance in your relationships.

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