12 October 2018

What’s your

mentoring style?

It is often said, in South Africa, that the youth are our future; this couldn’t be more true. It is also understood that a lot of our youth are on troubled paths, without the guidance to help them see just how bright their future can be. The 18+ Be the Mentor platform provides a place where we can start making a change within communities and give hope to the young kids who don’t know any different from what their reality is.

Be the Mentor encourages those who have the ability, the time and the wish to have a positive impact on a young adult’s life to do just that. It’s through mentorship that you can shape someone into the person you see they have the potential to be.

But how can you be the best mentor you have the potential to be? It is through understanding what type of role model you are, applying those strengths but also remembering where your weaknesses lie and working on those every day. Being a mentor isn’t just about having a positive impact on someone else’s life but also learning about who you are as a person and the person you want to be.

Let’s see what type of mentoring style you have!



You’re a strong minded person. You often ask the hard questions and push your mentee to keep focused on what’s important. You may play the ‘big brother’ role when it’s needed but you’re more firm than the rest of the mentoring styles.


You are always on your positivity train. You will support your mentee no matter what and be there every step of the way. Your mentee may make faults but you always look to help your mentee learn from it and get back up no matter what. You’re the mentor that always has their pom-poms in hand and looks to the brighter side when things get bad.


You’re a teacher. Your aim is to always leave your mentee with a lesson learnt, especially when it’s tough. You’re positive but you push your mentee towards achieving a goal. You put a lot of time and effort in, to create an environment that will help your mentee develop because you’ve taken the time to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are.


You’re never short of ideas. You’re always planning, brainstorming, dreaming and thinking bigger. You help your mentee see past just the necessities. You push them when they’re feeling down to always keep doing and thinking. Your positivity impacts your mentee in a way you never thought it could. You give them hope and make it known that there is never a reason to give up.


You’re a talker. You know everyone and anyone. This helps your mentee gain the confidence to put themselves out there. You give them the right connections to help them reach their goals but to also allow them to learn from each person that crosses their path. You’re the mentor that a mentee can feel comfortable with at all times because you’re easy to be around and to open up to.


You’re an empowering person. You show your mentee that they have what it takes to succeed at anything they put their mind to, especially when they believe the opposite. You make your mentee pumped and inspired to push themselves. Your mentee pays a lot of attention to the way you deal with things so remember to always motivate yourself the way you would your mentee.


You’re similar to the cheerleader but you make sure that your mentee knows what it takes to be productive and successful. You help your mentee see what skills and behaviours are required to succeed and be productive. You maintain a ‘professional’ yet caring role in your mentee’s life. They’re never afraid to come to you for advice because they know you’ll always be there. You’re a selfless person and you don’t know it.


You provide guidance and support whilst always remembering to give constructive feedback. You help your mentee see where their downfalls are and help them try to improve on those whilst helping them remember where their strengths lie. There is always a lesson to be learnt with you. Communication is a strong point of yours and you always make sure to maintain a good relationship with your mentee. You see the potential your mentee has and you push them every day to make sure they are accomplished in all that they do.


You inspire your mentee through the things you do daily. Reaching your own goals is important to you which automatically makes your mentee want to exceed your expectations of them. You teach them how to strive to do and be better every day. Everything else follows naturally. Keep doing what you’re doing- you never know who you might inspire next.


Honesty and integrity are important to you. You inspire others to be better people and you help them achieve it. Communication is key and so is accountability. You like your mentee to take responsibility for their own actions but you also follow through with what you say you will do. Your mentee looks up to you, don’t forget that.


You aren’t just a good teacher but you’re a constant learner. Because you cannot teach when you are not in the know! You challenge your mentee to get out of their comfort zone and put them in situations that have a positive learning experience. To fall means to learn. You’re attentive and take the time to listen to your mentee.


You’re always willing to go above and beyond expectations. You’re a strong believer in ‘know right from wrong’ so you always try to veer your mentee in the right direction. You’re calm, positive and you encourage your mentee to be the same whilst being confident and comfortable with who they are as a person. You encourage your mentee to set objectives and you help them to achieve them.


You’re a great listener and that makes your mentee feel comfortable to tell you anything. It also makes them want to listen to you. You’re consistent in your values and morals which makes your mentee want to follow suit. People feel energized around you. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Remember that you’re not alone. There’s always the support of fellow mentors on communities such as the Be The Mentor Facebook page, click here.

If you think you possess one of the above mentoring qualities, take the pledge here and become part of this movement today, click here.